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PFAFF 2545 - Special single-needle high-speed seamer with unison feed (lockstitch)

PFAFF 2546 - Special 2-needle high-speed seamer with unison feed (lockstitch)

Catalog (pdf)

The combination of revolutionary design and innovative engineering has lead to the development of something quite special, extratordinary - something, which will influence the future of the sewing machine. An impressive example of such a far-reaching combination is the POWERLINE 2545/2546 - a line of machines, which represents a new generation of special high-speed sewig machines with triple feed (bottom, needle and alternating top feed) and vertical hook.

Clear and precise functions with ergonomically arranged control elements are the outstanding features of this series, for which PFAFF won the Interzum Innovations-Award 2007 in the "Best of the Best" category. The machine achieves an equally high stitch quality on top-stitching work in the visible areas - flexibility which knows no boundaries in the automotive and home upholstery sectors. Top sewing results are guaranteed both on fine leather and on heavy upholstery materials. With the largest arm clearance in its class, the machine guarantees excellent handling. Technical features, like the programmable multi-switch or the new "winding assistant" support the work flexibility and make the POWERLINE a multi-feature machine with 'excellent benefits'.

The fine tension of the surface signalizes power and dynamics. The attractive design, the trend-setting ergonomics and the unique service concept of the Powerline 2545/2546 mark a revolutionary milestone in the 150 year old history of the sewing machine.

PFAFF 335 - Lockstitch, cylinder-bed sewing machine with unison feed.

Catalog (pdf)

The modern, industrial housing is designed taking into account strict ergonimic aspects. Quality and efficency are the hallmarks of this cylinder-bed sewing machinge.

This cylinder-bed sewing machine can be used for:

  • leather accessories
  • leatherwear
  • upholstery
  • shoes
  • (on request only: machine available with small hook)

It is suitable for:

  • working on tubular or pre-attached articles
  • standard sewing work on leatherware, bags and leathercraft articles
  • binding of shoes and leatherware with leather, imitation leather or textile tape
  • piping work on bags, suitcases and upholstery

PFAFF 1295 - Single-needle lockstitch postbed sewing machine with unison feed

PFAFF 1296 - Two-needle lockstitch postbed sewing machine with unison feed

Single and 2-needle lockstitch postbed sewing machine with unison feed

Catalog (pdf)


  • Unobstructed view of the stitching area
  • The postbed design is ideal for handling shaped parts before or after they are closed
  • Trouble-free stitching over cross-seams with no difference in stitch length, due to the alternating top feed with 7mm stroke
  • Accurate and consistent stitch formation on all materials, up to thread sizes of 15/3-ply. synth.
  • Uncomplicated mechanical system guarantees perfect function.
  • Built-in bobbin winder within operator's view
  • Large vertical hook with 60% more thread capacity than conventional hooks
  • Protection of the hook against thread jamming by built-in and easy-to-handle overload clutch as standard equipment
  • High sewing output and easy operation due to time-and cost-saving work aids, such as:
    • Thread trimmer
    • Automatic presser foot lift
    • Backtacking mechanism
    • Needle positioning mechanism
  • Large fabric clearance of 14 mm for easier loading and removal of the workpiece
  • As an alternative available with a long stitch (up to 11 mm) for rustic stitching

PFAFF 1163

High-speed lockstitch sewing machine

Catalog (pdf)

High speed industrial sewing machine (stitch type 301) for general and a wide range of applications. This machine can be used for all straight stitching operations on light to medium-heavy materials.

PFAFF 1245

Single lockstitch flat bed sewing machine with unison feed

Catalog (pdf)

Areas of applications:

  • Sewing of medium-heavy materials, e.g. furniture and car upholstery, leather clothing, leather goods, etc.


  • High traction due to unison feet.
  • Even feed motion without and ply-shift of individual layers.
  • Large vertical rotary hook with 60% more bobbin thread capacity than other standard-sized hooks.
  • Automatic hook lubrication.
  • Efficient hook protection against thread jamming due to standard built-in overload coupling (M).
  • Rugged and durable.
  • The high top feed lift (7 mm) allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and an easy sewing over cross seams.
  • Easy to service.
  • Easy loading and unloading - even of bulky material - due to a high fabric clearance of 14 mm.

PFAFF 5487

Two thread chainstitch high-speed seamer with drop feed and variable top feed

Catalog (pdf)


  • Universally applicable
  • Available with push- or pull-type top feeder
  • Fullness application of shift-free sewing, due to variable top feed.
  • Instant-change of the top feed setting during sewing by pedal- or knee-switch control (-918/14)
  • Feed regulator with integrated top feed control levers
  • Separately adjustable pressure of vibrating presser for optimum sewing of difficult fabrics
  • Bridge type bearings on take up lever assembly and feed regulator
  • Sealed, maintenance-free roller bearings
  • Fully enclosed gearcase with "life-time" lubrication pads
  • Conveniently arranged controls
  • Reliable and fast adjustment due to built-in timing gauges
  • Most parts of the 5480 Series standardized, thus lower cost of spare-part stocking.

PFAFF 937 - High-speed zigzag seamers with drop feed and variable top feed

PFAFF 938 - High-speed zigzag seamers with drop feed

The new zigzag series - from silk to leather

Catalog (pdf)


  • High flexibility for many different operations on light to medium materials.
  • High seam quality - thanks to low thread tension values.
  • Quiet low-vibration operation even at top speed.
  • Very good feed properties with a very low sewing foot pressure result in optimum, smooth seams.
  • New fresh oil hook lubrication with precision adjustment - no soiled materials.
  • Minimum material displacement due to the optimum needle bar cinematics (straight needle entry).
  • Simple, intuitive operations - The machines are equipped with the new control panel S3.

PFAFF 938 with SRP ( = speed responsive presser foot pressure)

  • Highly efficient feed system (SRP) during sewing, even at high speeds there is no displacement of the workpiece.
  • Very low thread tension required for a constant, superior seam = no tension puckering.
  • Almost no displacement of workpieces (no feed puckering).
  • Optimum, high-powered feed system and good stitch formation when sewing over folds, bulky areas and multi-layered seams.