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Eastman Cutting Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Eastman WE - Rag Cutter / Model WE

Used to cut any kind of waste material into rags. Each work station includes its own independently adjustable knife guard, sharpener and button removal trough.

Eastman 548-PM - Round Knife Plastic Master / Model 548PM

The Plastic Master cooling device combined with special notched blade work together to reduce friction and make cutting fusible materials problem-free.

Eastman RS2 - Rubber Slitter / Model RS2

The characteristics of rubber and some plastics demand a cutting machine with extremely high torque and very low knife speed to keep friction and heat build-up to a minimum.

Eastman 548-BK Slitting Machine / Model 548BK

This is the 548 mounted with stationary mounting brackets for slitting operations, either single or double, depending on the need.

Round Knives, Cardinal Series

Eastman 562-6X - Cardinal Heavy Duty / Model 562

Increased torque combined with blade speed makes the 562 ideal for most general purpose cutting of canvas, burlap, cotton, cotton batting, woolens and knits.

Eastman 567-6X - Cardinal Heavy Duty / Model 567

This round knife features a high-torque motor and dual-speed option for toughness and versatility. It handles the most demanding chores, including deep lays of denim or canvas.

Eastman 534-4H - Cardinal Lightweight / Model 534

Specially designed for low lays of wool, cotton, silk, and synthetics, the 534 provides lightweight maneuverability with more than enough power for positive cutting of these materials.

Eastman 548-4H Cardinal Standard / Model 548

This general purpose round knife delivers the same wide range of uses with the advantage of a smaller, lighter package.

Round Knives, Small Round Knives

Eastman BBB32 - Little Giant / Model BBB32

The economical choice for low lays when electric shears are not powerful enough.

Eastman BBB25 - Mighty Midget / Model BBB25

This small shear features a shear plate design, making it the choice for loosely knit fabrics. The optional hexagon blade eliminates fraying and tearing of the sheerest materials.

Eastman BBR25 - Mighty Midget / Model BBR25

This Mighty Midget is suited to heavier, denser materials.

Eastman ROBIN - Robin / Model 225

Model 225 offers an ideal combination of a larger-diameter round knife with the streamlined design of a small round knife.


Eastman CRA-395-375 - Blue Jay End Cutting and Spreading System

Digital control for greater accuracy and productivity. Pulls single or multiple plys up to 32 feet long and repeats cycle up to a 9-inch ply height.

Eastman CR300 / CR500 Cradle Feed Spreading System

Multi-program computer control allows storage of up to 30 programmed spreads. Simple, digital push-button controls offers ease-of-use for single operator.

Eastman CRA-290 - System I

Fast and easy automated spreading of material.

Eastman CRA-160 - System IV

System IV is designed for face-to-face spreading of rolls weighing up to 1,200 pounds.

Eastman CRA-600 - System VI

System VI is designed to spread tubular knits.

Manual Spreaders

Eastman CRA-320 - Expandable

The basic machine for face-to-face spreading.

Eastman CRA-120 - Pacemaker

The Pacemaker is designed to spread both face-to-face and face-up one way.

Eastman CRA-30 - Roll Carrier

The most basic machine for carrying a roll up and down the table.

Eastman CRA-180 - Turntable

The Turntable is recommended for spreading face-up-one-way or face-to-face-nap-one-way.

Cloth Drills/ Marking Machines

Eastman CD3 - Cloth Drill Marker Model CD3

For marking buttonholes, darts or patterns through the entire lay.

Eastman CDL - Hawk Model CDL

High torque motor powers through heavy canvas and denims as well as loose knits and silks.

Eastman CDLH - Hawk Model CDLH

With a thermostatically controlled heating element, the dependable CDLH leaves an easily identifiable mark that won’t get lost or fuse lays together.

Eastman CD3H - Hot Cloth Drill Marker Model CD3H

With a thermostatically controlled heating element, the dependable CD3H leaves an easily identifiable mark that won’t get lost or fuse lays together.

Eastman HVN - Hot Notcher Model HVN

Allows the operator to fuse a permanent mark for precise alignment and sewing accuracy.

Eastman MP2 - Magnum Punch Perforator Model MP2

A solid state puncher designed to cut four clean holes per inch through pattern paper when preparing markers.

Eastman LTM - Threadmarker Model LTM

Used in bundling cut pieces or as an alternative to drill marking or to secure continuous toweling.

End Cutters

Eastman ATF-II - Auto Track Falcon II

This machine will give you time-saving advantages with automatic operation since the auto track cuts while the operator walks back to the roll.

Eastman CRA-395-375-b - Blue Jay End Cutting and Spreading System

Digital control for greater accuracy and productivity. Pulls single or multiple plys up to 32 feet long and repeats cycle up to a 9-inch ply height.

Eastman FAL-A - Falcon Air / Pneumatic

Falcon Air pneumatic-powered end cutting system.

Eastman FAL-4 - Falcon IV End Cutter

The heart of the Falcon line, this manual end cutter produces a clean, straight cut on both heavy and soft materials.

Eastman 548FAL-HD5H - Heavy Duty Falcon End Cutter

Heavy duty Falcon manual spreading and cutting system for heavier materials.

Rotary Shears

Eastman BBAT - Bat and MiniBat Cordless Rotary Shears

The cordless battery driven Bat and MiniBat rotary shears.

Eastman BUZZ - Buzzaird Pneumatic Shear

This pneumatic shear is ideal in wet areas not suited to conventional electrical cutters.

Eastman D2 - Chickadee / Model D2 Rotary Shear

The smallest round knife available. It replaces handheld shears.

Eastman D2H - Long Handled Chickadee / Model D2H Rotary Shear

This is the ideal companion to any spreading machine for cutting out flaws or laying up fabrics.

Straight Knives

Eastman 629X - Blue Streak II / Model 629

With versatility unmatched by any other straight knife available, the Blue Streak II is the obvious choice when one machine is required to perform many tasks.

Eastman 627X - Brute / Model 627

The versatile straight knife with more horsepower. The Brute cuts extra heavy cloth or an increased number of ply. This is the most powerful straight-knife cutting machine made.

Eastman 627XVS - Brute Variable Speed / Model 627VS

Get everything the standard Brute 627 offers plus the increased versatility and cutting speed you’d expect from a variable speed motor. It is the only cutting machine on the market that runs at 4,000 RPMs.