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JACK Sewing Machines

Jack 798D

High Speed Power Saving Overlock Machine

Wide range of application: Standard height of presser foot is 6mm,operation space enlarged to 27mm, strengthen the force to sewing heavy material, beautiful stitches.

Jack A4

Computerized, Direct Drive, Drop Feed, Single Needle Lockstitch Machine

The Jack A4 is a single needle lockstitch machine designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Built on the same all steel chassis Jack machines are famous for, the harmonized internals provide for smooth sewing. The coaxial shaft driven by the direct drive motor reduce noise and vibrations allowing for perfect seams at any speed.

Jack JK-2030G

Computerized, Direct Drive, Heavy Duty, Top/Bottom Feed Lockstitch Machine

The Jack JK-2030G is a workhorse of a machine designed to tackle the most heavy duty projects. The JK-2030G features a 750W servo motor capable of piercing several layers of heavy duty fabric like canvas, leather or webbing. The sewing speed can be controlled according to the operators experience or project; perfect for upholstery or leather shops. The top and bottom feeding mechanism ensures multiple layers of fabric feed evenly, creating the perfect seams at any speed. The JK-2030G comes standard with automatic functions increasing operator productivity and reducing fatigue.

Jack JK8995 DYNL-4SS

Lockstitch Machine

Jack Lockstitch Machine is one of the most efficient machines of its type. The machine’s demand remains hovering over the market for a number of reasons, including latest version, high speed, reliable performance, low maintenance cost, etc.