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Parts and Accessories

Bill's Sewing Machine Company offers a complete line of sewing and cutting parts and accessories as well as products for any and all sewing and cutting room needs.


Bill's Sewing Machine Company stocks parts and accessories for all your needs. From various folders (shown in the picture) to loopers, thread-guides and take-up levers, to hooks, needles, thread stands, bobbin cases and bobbin case openers, Bill's Sewing Machine Company has the parts and accessories you need.

Bill's Sewing Machine Company stocks scissors for all your cutting needs. From Thread Nippers to Straight Trimmers and Bent Trimmers to Carpet Shears, we have what you need. Bill's Sewing Machine Company carries scissors and shears from Wiss, Heritage Cutlery (shown in the picture), Marks and a variety of Kai scissors (shown in the picture).

  • Prices for Kai scissors:
  • 7205-00 (8")
  • 7230-00 (9")
  • 7250-00 (10")
  • 7250-L (10")
  • 7300-00 (12")
We can also sharpen your scissors right here at our facility.

In addition to the large variety of scissors and our scissor sharpening services, we also carry custom-made leather scissor holsters, mallets, punches, awls and numerous cutting, sewing and upholstery accessories as well.

Scissor holsters & accessories
Heritage Scissors

Bill's Upholstered Sewing and Ergo Chairs

Bill's has one of the finest sewing chairs in the industry being assembled and upholstered here in the USA. Includes extra firm Premium foam for hours of comfort with an oversized seat and a waterfall front available with or without castors (typically with pads for the sewing operator).

  • EC2315- Our Standard grey operator chair with adjustable height adjustments from 19-26" with stationary pads.
  • EC5255- Our Classic Black Chair with adjustable height adjustments 19-26" W/ tilt seat and back adjustments (also available w/ arms- EC5255AA).
  • CM5255- Our Premium Black Chair with adjustable height 19-26". Horizontal back adjustment with individual back and seat adjustments.
  • SS2315- Our Ergonomic Stool with height adjustments from 19-26", ideal for ladies using a Quilting machine.

Bill's Upholstered Sewing and Ergo Chairs

Jiffy's warm, moist steam relaxes cold, stiff polyester type backing to speed installation. Jiffy's steam works on secondary backings of spun-bound polypropylene. makes it easy for manual stretching. Eliminates expensive power stretchers. Dries smooth and tight. Jiffy's steam helps take out bubbles where the paraffin type back does not readily adhere to the cement. Gentle steam fluffs, springs out the pile, makes fabrics glow. Brings new beauty to crushed samples, especially new soft denier carpeting. Showrooms should have a Jiffy Steamer for regular use. Portable and light-weight.

There are sewing problems which cannot be solved completely by using regular sewing machine needles. As an additional alternative SCHMETZ therefore developed the SERV7 needle. SERV7 needles should be used for all kinds of elastic materials like Lycra and elastics with rubber threads, all stretch materials, jersey, drapes and flexible synthetic materials to avoid skipstitches. SERV7 needles should also be used for tacking, belt loops, pocket-setting, seam crossings, side-seaming, leg hemming and for multidirectional sewing on all automatic sewing machines.

Sewing Needles

Bill's Sewing Machine Company also fabricates Pnuematic Upholstery Arm Clamps. These are designed to hold the chair arms while being upholstered. The heaight is adjustable to suit the upholsterer.