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Mitsubishi PLK-E5050 - Sewing Area 500 x 500mm
Mitsubishi PLK-E10050 - Sewing Area 1,000 x 500mm

Extra Large Sized Sewing Machine


Model: PLK-E5050 PLK-E10050
Max. speed: 1,500 (Intermittent) / 2,000 (Continuous) (*1)
Feeding system: Intermittent or continuous
Stitch length: 0.1mm ~ 12.7mm (minimum resolution 0.1)
Needle: DPx17 #18
Hook: Shuttle (Large)
Max. patterns: 255 (*3)
Max. stitches: 8,000/ pattern
Presser foot drive: Pneumatic
Mass: 470 kg 500 kg

(*1) Sewing speed may be limited by the operation, material or clamp mass
(*3) The max. patterns may be limited depends on number of stitches of each pattern in the memory.

Mitsubishi LU2-4410-B1T - Single-needle
Mitsubishi LU2-4410-B1T-CS - Single-needle
Mitsubishi LU2-4412-B1T-CS - Single-needle
Mitsubishi LU2-4430-B1T - Double-needle



Model: LU2-4410 LU2-4412 LU2-4430
-B1T -B1T-CS -B1T-CS -B1T
Application: Heavy Car Seat Heavy
Max. speed: 2,000 rpm
Max. Stitch length: 9mm 8mm 9mm
Presser foot clearance: knee: 16mm hand: 8mm
Needle: DP x 17 #23 DP x17 #21 DP x 17 #23
Needle: Standard 6.4mm
Special 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25.4mm
Automatic thread trimmer: O Short thread tail type O
Automatic thread trimmer: Option: XC-G500-Y
Automatic lifter: Option: LE-FA
Mass: 42 kg

Mitsubishi LT2-2230-M1TW
Mitsubishi LT2-2230-B1T

Double-needle, Needle-feed


Model: LT2-2230
-M1TW -B1T
Applications: Light~Medium Medium~Heavy
Max. speed: 4,000 rpm 3,000 rpm
Max. stitch length: 4mm 7mm
Presser foot clearance: knee: 9mm foot: 7mm knee: 13mm foot: 7mm
Needle: DP x 5 #14 DP x 5 #18
Hook: Standard Large
Touch back: O
Wiper: O Option
Needle gauge: Standard 6.4mm
Special 3.4mm, 4.8mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 12mm
Control switch panel: Option: XC-G500-Y
Mass: 46 kg

Mitsubishi XL-K566-20

Direct motor for lockstitch machine


Voltage and Frequency: 200V single phase, 3-phase 50/60 Hz
Rated output: 550W
Rated torque: 1.32N.m (0.135kg.m)
Rated speed: 4,000 rpm
Maximum speed: 5,000 rpm
Mass: 2.8kg (Main unit)